6th Reward

6th Birthday Challenge is an event in Farm Heroes Saga to celebrate its 6th anniversary. The period is Mar 23 ~ Apr 5, 2020, lasts for 14 days.

Event page preview Edit

The event page contains a birthday cake with a "6" green candle. There are 6 levels of the cake, each level contains 2 cream (normal level), 1 fire (hard level) and 1 treasure chest. There are total 18 levels and 6 chests.


Event rewards Edit

Passing each hard level gives a treasure chest. After passing all 18 levels, you will be given a 24h unlimited hearts.

Levels Edit

Level Difficulty
Level 1 Easy
Level 2 Moderately Easy
Level 3 Hard
Level 4 Moderately Hard
Level 5 Normal
Level 6 Very Hard
Coming soon. If you know about it, comment below.
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