A blocker is an item in Farm Heroes Saga that prevents a player from reaching cropsies. All blockers in this game take up a square.

List of blockersEdit

Blocker Name Img. First appearance Last appearance Unique Properties
Flower seed
Flower 1-stageFlower Seed Level 12,
Level 586
Flower seeds can move to places where Water Droplet Cropsies are to create a flower by swapping with them, by which they become a real blocker
Chicken egg,
Cracked chicken egg,
Chicken egg 2-stage
Level 27,
Level 191
Hens can lay eggs when a Cropsie match is done next to them or are hit by element effect (Farm Animal effect, Firecracker Effect, Magic Shovel).
Ice Ice-0 Level 32 Cropsies frozen in them cannot move unless matched with fellow Cropsies to free them, or by Farm Animal effects.
Bucket Water bucket 1-stage Level 56 Requires 3 Cropsie matches next to them to release 4 Water Droplet Cropsies.
Grumpy Apple grumpy Carrot grumpy Strawberry grumpy Sun grumpy Onion grumpy Water grumpy Level 71 Cancel matches if at least one of them is included in matches
Alligator nest,
Alligator egg,
Cracked Alligator egg
Alligator nest
Alligator egg 1-stage
Alligator egg 2-stage
Level 101
Rob the rabbit Rabbit Icon Level 116 Only appears in levels with carrots
Slime Slime Level 131 Make normal cropsies to grumpy ones
Grass seed Grass seed Level 161 Swap with a Water Droplet Cropsie to create a cross-shaped Grass Patch which can neutralize Slime patches, cleans Grumpy Cropsies, and give bonus points to Cropsies that land on them.
Bomb Apple bomb 9 Carrot bomb 9 Strawberry bomb 9 Sun bomb 9 Onion bomb 9 Water bomb 9 Level 236 Always have 9 moves, The player will lose 5 random collected cropsies when it explodes
CobwebSpider (Element) Level 266
Snow-0Snowball Level 311
Firecracker Firecracker Level 356
Frog Red FrogBlue FrogGreen Frog Level 401 Steal cropsies depending on the color of the frog
Black sheep
White sheepBlack sheep-0 Level 431,
Level 806
Only be moved by adjacent matches
Hay seed Hay seed Level 461
Firefly Firefly 1-stage-0 Level 491
Oyster Oyster 1-stage Level 626
Poppy Flower
Bull IconPoppy Flower Level 706 Bulls and poppies come together
RiverBridge vertical Level 851
Baby mushroom Baby Mushroom Level 941 Able to have additional rewards like cropsies
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