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Bull is one of the elements in Farm Heroes Saga. It comes together with Poppy Flower, another element.


  • Bulls run against other blockers and will advance them 1 or 2 stages. To initiate a run you have to match next to them. Poppy Flowers have only one stage and will vanish.
  • Bulls can be stopped by sheep. Some levels require the interaction between sheep and bulls (e.g. Level 725). Activated sheep, however, may cross a bull.
  • Bulls mostly remove normal cropsies on their way without scoring (like a tractor). Advanced Eggs will eventually remain.
  • Bulls will always destroy bomb cropsies when running over them.
  • Bulls can pass an empty field.
  • Poppy Flowers can be destroyed exclusively by bulls. They cannot be moved.
  • Levels with bulls can be frustrating because you need exactly the right match to make the only useful bull run (sequence).
  • None of the boosters will affect a bull or a poppy flower.



  • When using Shock Player the bull will sometimes (not often) run in the wrong direction



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