Chick Egg 2

A Chick in it's 2nd stage.

Chick is one of the elements in Farm Heroes Saga. They go through 2 stages.

Chickens are a special element that need to be created by hatching an egg. The amount of matches you need to hatch a chicken egg depends on if the level provides you with a chicken egg or a full grown chick. If a chicken egg is already provided you, will need to match 3 together to form a cracked chicken egg. Then you will need to match 3 cracked eggs to get one chick.

If only a chicken egg is provided, look for ways to create an adjacent match. Try and make those matches count towards your other chicken eggs needed. Once you have an egg, look for the most efficient ways to combine them.

You can also use a shovel to skip a stage of the chicken egg.

Chicks first appear and are needed in level 27. It's not at a start of an episode.



Farm Heroes Saga Level 27 HOW TO HATCH A DUCKLING

Farm Heroes Saga Level 27 HOW TO HATCH A DUCKLING

The video that how to hatch chicks

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