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Choo Choo's Challenge

Choo Choo's Challenge is an event in Farm Heroes Saga. One of two events (the other being Chasing The Sun) that takes place within the main gameplay map, and is the most recurring event to be made available to players.

Choo Choo drops down presents that become roadblocks upon reaching that specific stage on the main map. The Bronze roadblock is usually unlocked right after you complete the stage you're currently in, and grants you a minimum of a Lives Refill as well as in-game Booster Refills among other rewards. A Silver roadblock will be located three stages away and the Gold roadblock, a further five stages away which can be unlocked upon reaching the stages they are dropped on, These two boxes can grant the player unlimited lives for 2 hours (Silver roadblock) and 24 hours (Gold roadblock) respectively in addition to other rewards such as free Boosters as well as 5,000 Magic Beans that are more than sufficient enough to boost your capabilities in dealing with Rancid the Racoon stages.



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