Green eggs

Eggs in various stages

Egg is one of the elements in Farm Heroes Saga. It can be hatched into chicks or alligators (with teeth) after stages of transformation. It isn't added any bonuses and 3-5 of them in a row will always result in one transformed Cropsie. Eggs come in two varieties for this game; Chicken Eggs and Alligator Eggs, and only appear when it is in the list of resources to be collected in a stage.

Chicken Eggs are eggs that have bright smooth-looking shells and takes two matches of the same stage to collect the chick inside. Matches of three or more whole eggs create a cracked egg and matching three of such cracked eggs hatches a chick to be collected. Chicken eggs can also be laid by chickens should it not appear in the stage by matching cropsies (except for Poppies) next to them.

Alligator Eggs are darker-shaded eggs that have spots on them, and comes in either normal ones or nested with grasses. Nested Alligator Eggs means that an extra match of three of them is required to create a normal alligator egg, with the collection process becoming the same as you would to a Chicken Egg.

Hitter Companions will hit hens to lay an egg, while Cracker Companions "crack" them by advancing those eggs by one stage, except for already-cracked ones that are to be collected by matching them. There is also an Egg Cracker Booster (that can be purchased with Gold Bars) that can crack all the eggs on the field (at one go) either by themselves (in the mobile version) or by Choo Choo (in the Website/Facebook version). The all-purpose Magic Shovel Booster can also be used to crack these eggs as well!

1-star and 3-star Companions may replace some of the eggs in various stages after it produces cropsies onto the field.

Chicken eggs are introduced in level 27, alligator eggs in level 101, and hens in level 191.


  • Egg don't get grumpy and aren't affected by slime, although it is still affected by cobwebs as well as ice, in which the method to free them is similar to a regular cropsie, with the additional effect of possibly collecting them in the process.\


  • Don't disturb hens early on a level! There's not much you can do about an egg flood. Your goals will become unrealistic. There are levels where eggs are scarce, though.
  • When egg floods occur, attempt to match sets more than 3.


  • Levels with eggs tend to get stuck with no more moves.
  • Chicks don't score much (just like one single cropsie).


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