Firecrackers are one of the elements or collectibles on Farm Heroes Saga.

To ignite them, three matches are needed to be made next to them, and upon ignition, they pop themselves into 4 sparks that hit 4 spots on the field. If one of the sparks hit a cropsie that is a required resource in a stage, that specific cropsie will be collected, otherwise, it would just make the cropsie disappear. Each of these sparks also has the same effect a Magic Shovel can do (crack eggs, grow flowers, fills water buckets, make chickens lay eggs, open up oysters as well as breaking the ice, snowballs and spider webs, making Frogs jump and stuns Rob the Rabbit). And these firecrackers can also be collected if they are also a required resource in a given stage.

Igniting a certain amount of Firecrackers is a goal in some levels, and an Igniter Farm Animal can also assist in advancing these Firecrackers by one level, or firing them off when they are in their last stage.

Firecrackers first appear in level 356, the first level of the 25th episode, Panda Paradise.


Official Farm Heroes Saga - The Firecracker

Official Farm Heroes Saga - The Firecracker



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