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Gold (also known as Gold Bars) is the hard currency in the game. With them, you can buy almost everything and you can obtain them with real money only. The amount is usually related to the country where you are registered.

Magic Beans are a nice way to get boosters, but nothing feels quite as good in the game of Farm Heroes Saga like a nice pile of gold. Gold can be used to do a lot of things the beans simply can’t, like passing through gates, buying extra boosters, etc. So what do you do to stock up on gold bars?

There are three specific ways to get Gold Bars:

  • You can buy as many of these as you want. If you only need a few gold bars, a 99 cent purchase gives you a full 10 of them. For the real gold bar fans out there, you can get 1257 of them for only 109.99 dollars! No one has to know, don’t be ashamed.
  • Farm Heroes Saga generously provides each player with 50 gold bars for the startup. If you want to use these to pass through obstacles, simply don’t use them to buy boosters! Trying one of the other King games using your King account will give you an additional amount of 50 bars (once).
  • Hack Your Way out of a Corner: Sometimes it’s best to simply recognize that morality is a false construct fabricated to keep the closed minded under societal control, and cheat like there’s no tomorrow. This is the only way around getting more gold bars unless you want to pay for them.