Level 71 (Introduction to Grumpy Cropsies)

Grumpy Cropsie is an element in Farm Heroes Saga. They appear by fall down directly or are placed on a slime. A Grumpy may look similar to a normal cropsie, except that it looks angry and has splotches of mud with a pink glow surrounding it. Using a grumpy Cropsie as part of a match will cancel it out, thus the player will not score any points for that match. A horizontal or vertical match of five Cropsies will not remove all Cropsies matching its type. New Cropsies that enter the board can be grumpy or if a normal cropise falls into slime. If a grumpy cropsie falls into the grass, it will cheer up and turn into a normal cropsie.

When it comes to effects on other Cropsies or blockers the Grumpies do the regular job, like adding bonuses or advancing Fireflies.

There are four specific ways to deal with a grumpy cropsie:

  1. The first thing you can do is to look for a patch of grass and move the grumpy cropsie onto it. The grass cheers up the cropsie in question and turns it into a normal cropsie that is worth a positive amount of points if matched (unless another Grumpy cropsie is involved).
  2. You can use a shovel booster to simply pluck any grumpy Cropsie from the board.
  3. You can also use the Clean-Up booster. This booster will turn all visible grumpy cropsies into regular cropsies.
  4. You can ignore them. However, cascades with them may wind up being matched unintentionally.

Grumpy cropsies first appear in level 71, the first level of the 6th episode, Cloudy Cove.

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