Current version Past Versions
Level 122
Level 122 v1
Episode Backyard Brambles
Level type Normal Level Icon
Goal Water : 20
Strawberry-0 : 30
Sun-0 : 30
Moves 15
Blockers None
Other features Grass-0 Water bucket 1-stage
Number of
cropsie species
5 to 6
Apple Onion Carrot-0 Strawberry-0 Sun-0 (Water)

Difficulty Hard

First versionEdit

  • The goals used to be 30 strawberries, 30 suns, and 20 water drops in 15 moves. But moves count is same as current version.


Stars One star Two star Three star
Score 100% 140% 165%

Total requirement

80 112 132
Difficulty None Medium Somewhat Hard


Farm Heroes Saga Level 122 on Facebook

Farm Heroes Saga Level 122 on Facebook

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