Current version Past Versions
Level 1272
Episode The Greek Coast
Level type Normal Level Icon.jpg
Goal Spider (Element).png : 1
Flower 3-stage.png : 3
Carrot-0.png : 175
Sun-0.png : 175
Moves 18
Blockers Carrot under cobweb.png Sun under cobweb.png Onion under cobweb.png Water under cobweb.png Carrot under cobweb on bridge.png Sun under cobweb on bridge.png Onion under cobweb on bridge.png Water under cobweb on bridge.png Spider on cobweb and bridge.png Flower 1-stage under cobweb on bridge.png Cobweb on bridge.png
Other features Spider (Element).png
Environments Grass-0.png Cobweb.png Cobweb on bridge.png
Number of
cropsie species
Carrot-0.png Sun-0.png Onion.png Water.png

Difficulty Undetermined

Past Version[edit | edit source]

  • It had 18 moves.
  • It needed to collect fewer Cropsies as compared to the current version: 175 vs 275 Cropsies.

Select Companion[edit | edit source]

Number of companions: 3

  • 90 Magic Beans: Breaker Porpoise
  • 90 Magic Beans: Grower Pegasus
  • 50 Magic Beans: Producer Arctic Fox

Stars[edit | edit source]

Note: Please confirm the growth percentages for two and three stars.

Stars One star Two star Three star
Score 100% 120% 140%

Total requirement

354 ? ?

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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