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Level 1487
Episode Moscow Square
Level type Normal Level Icon
Goal Firefly 3-stage-0 : 3
Alligator FC : 6
Apple : 400
Strawberry-0 : 400
Moves 23
Blockers Firefly 1-stage-0 Alligator egg 2-stage Flower 1-stage Flower 1-stage on grass
Other features Alligator FC
Environments Grass-0
Number of
cropsie species
Apple Carrot-0 Strawberry-0 Onion

Difficulty Undetermined

Past VersionEdit

  • This past version had 23 moves.

Select CompanionEdit

Number of companions: 2

  • 50 Magic Beans: Producer Phoenix
  • 50 Magic Beans: Producer Caterpillar


Note: Please confirm the growth percentages for two and three stars.

Stars One star Two star Three star
Score 100%  ?%  ?%

Total requirement

809  ?  ?


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