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Level 322
Level 322a
Episode Winter Wonderland
Level type Rancid Level Icon
Goal Defeat Rancid with Carrot-0 Strawberry-0 Sun-0
Moves 19
Blockers Snowball
Other features Grass seed on snow
Environments Snow-0
Number of
cropsie species
Apple Carrot-0 Strawberry-0 Sun-0 Water

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Normal Level Icon Rancid Level Icon Normal Level Icon
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This is the past version of level 322.


Stars One star Two star Three star
Score 100% 120%  ?%

Total requirement

 ? - -


  • This is the first level to have seeds and snow together.
    • If you make a match between water and seed or shovel on the snow, it turns into grass.
  • This board stays the same when it appears without the randomization of cropsies.
  • Green cropsies never spawn, only grumpy cropsies except water spawn.
  • To defeat Rancid, you need to collect 150 cropsies using sun, carrots, and strawberries.
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