Level 325
Episode Winter Wonderland
Level type Normal Level Icon
Goal Spider (Element) : 2
Flower 3-stage : 16
Apple : 85
Water : 85
Moves 26
Blockers Apple under cobweb Water under cobweb Strawberry under cobweb Carrot under cobweb Spider on cobwebCobwebFlower 1-stage
Other features Spider (Element)
Environments Cobweb
Number of
cropsie species
Apple Water Strawberry-0 Carrot-0

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Hard Level Normal Level Icon Normal Level Icon
Level 324 Level 325 Level 326

Level 325 is the 15th & last level in Winter Wonderland and 280th normal type (Normal Level Icon) level in Farm Heroes Saga. To pass this level, you must collect 2 spiders, 16 flowers, 85 apples, and 85 water drops in 26 moves or fewer. If you have extra moves left in this level, Hero Mode will be activated.


  • Moderately easy because of many moves.
  • In the past version there are 30 moves. Now there are only 26 moves.


  1. Try to clear the bottom left and right rand corner in the beginning.
  2. Chase the spiders out of their old nest into a new one, so they won't web too many cropsies and you can easily catch them.
  3. Clear the flowers and the bottom spiders in the end.


Stars One star Two star Three star
Score 100% 120% 140%

Total requirement

188 222 256
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