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Level 343 Hard Level
Level 343
Episode Purry Parade
Level type Hard Level
Goal Apple : 35
Strawberry-0 : 35
Flower 3-stage : 9
Moves 21
Blockers Apple bomb 9 Carrot bomb 9 Strawberry bomb 9 Sun bomb 9 Onion bomb 9SnowballFlower 1-stage
Other features None
Environments Snow-0
Number of
cropsie species
Apple Carrot-0 Strawberry-0 Sun-0 Onion

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A level


  • Get the flowers because it requires 9. The hunter dog animal may help you to pass this level.
  • Clear the bombs.


Stars One star Two star Three star
Score 100% 120% 140%

Total requirement

79 95 110
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