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Mushroom is one of the elements in Farm Heroes Saga.


  • Mushroom will split into 2 babies instead of getting a bonus when a match takes place next to them.
  • Adult mushroom drops down and can be collected like Cropsies. Bonuses from special matches are added.
  • Baby mushroom will grow into adults within one move
  • Baby mushroom will not move and cannot be removed by a Magic Shovel. Neither can they be matched. They can be moved for a match of Cropsies, though.
  • Adult mushroom can be collected by a Color Collector but not by a Tractor.


Mushroom first appears in level 941, the first level of the 60th episode, Arresting Arctic.


When using a shovel to let a mushroom fall, the mushroom may split. Unfortunately, it is not reproducible all the time.


  • There is a visual glitch in this element. When the baby mushroom is trapped by cobweb, the baby mushroom is shown as above the cobweb instead below.


Official Farm Heroes Saga - The Mushroom

Official Farm Heroes Saga - The Mushroom

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