My profile (also known as Achievements) is an extra item of Farm Heroes Saga. Its emblem is a blue ribbon with orange frames and humanoid wearing yellow crown. It was released for all games of the King on December 3, 2014.

Location and Function Edit

It is not located in any position. But you can enter by clicking in yourself at the current level.

When you open My profile, an achievement your table will appear:

  1. Facebook image and your name: At the top
  2. Level bar : Beneath your name : You increase level by collecting stars and achievements across King games.
  3. Eye icon: In the lower left bar level: You can see My profile friends. Note: Disabled. You won't be able to see who has visited your profile, and other players will not see if you visit theirs.
  4. The game of the King: The above achievements: Allows you to see the achievements of some game of the King.
  5. Achievements : At the bottom : Achievements for you to gain.

When the bar reaches a new level, a message will appear: "You reached a new level"

When you finish a achievement, the message "Achievement unlocked" appears.

The orange circle to let you know the progress of achievement that you achieve. Just one or a few achievements will be charged 1%. Note that the previous achievements were completed, the next achievements will continue the previous achievements before, that is not set to 0%.

You can view your profile and those of your friends.

Achievements Edit

Currently, there are a total of 21 achievements. The table below summarizes these achievements in Farm Heroes Saga:

Trophy Name Achievements Name Quantity Icon
Collect Cropsies of each type:

Strawberry, Apple,

Carrot, Onion, Sun and Water

Cropsie Collector Sun: 10

Onion: 10

Strawberry: 10

Apple: 10

Carrot: 10

Water: 10

Achievements badge CropsieCollector
Give lives to your friends Life Saver Life: 100
Achievements badge LifeSaver
Finish a level in Hero Mode by

having extra moves left

Heroic Deed Hero Mode: 1
Achievements badge HeroicDeed
Beat Rancid with 200,000+


Take that Rancid! Beat Rancid with

200,000+ score: 1

Achievements badge TakeThatRancid
Collect flowers Green Thumb Flower: 150
Achievements badge GreenThumb
Collect vegetable cropsies:

Carrots and Onions

Veggie Lover Carrot: 1,500

Onion: 1,500

Achievements badge VeggieLover
Collect elemental cropsies:

Waterdrops and Suns

Elemental Elite Water: 5,000

Sun: 5,000

Achievements badge ElementalElite
Collect animals Welcome to Farm Club Animal: 15
Achievements badge WelcometoFarmClub
Collect fruit cropsies:

Apples and Strawberries

Tutti Frutti Apple: 12,500

Strawberry: 12,500

Achievements badge TuttiFrutti
Collect more animals Ranch Rockie Animal: 30
Achievements badge RanchRookie
Collect flowers Green Fingers Flower: 500
Achievements badge GreenFingers
Crack eggs A Cracking Start Eggs cracked: 1750
Achievements badge ACrackingStart
Collect lots of vegetable cropsies:

Carrots and Onions

Veggie Veteran Carrot: 30,000

Onion: 30,000

Achievements badge VeggieVeteran
Collect lots of fruit cropsies:

Apples and Strawberries

Fruit Fanatic Apple: 35,000

Strawberry: 35,000

Achievements badge FruitFantastic
Collect sheep Heroic Herder Sheep: 100
Achievements badge HeroicHerder
Plant each type of seed:

Hay Seed, Grass Seed and

Flower Seed

Terraforming Hay Seed: 10

Grass Seed: 10

Flower Seed: 10

Achievements badge Terraforming
Crack more eggs Eggstatic Egg: 3,500
Achievements badge Eggstatic
Help your friends Best Friend Friends helped: 1,000
Achievements badge BestFriend
Collect a 7 figure total of cropsies 7 Figure Farming Sun: 170,000

Onion: 170,000

Strawberry: 170,000

Apple: 170,000

Carrot: 170,000

Water: 170,000

Achievements badge 7FigureFarming
Collect loads of animals Livestock Legend Animal: 200
Achievements badge LivestockLegend
Collect loads of oysters Mother of Pearl Oyster: 500
Achievements badge MotherOfPearl

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