New Feature is an extra item of Farm Heroes Saga. In this item, all the new elements introduced by the King will be summary with their appeared time.

Episode Level New Features
New                 Farm Club
Dairy District


1 Type Normal Level Icon
Normal 1
Spaces 36
2 Cropsies
3 Spaces 56
5 Other features
Shovel Booster 1
7 Type Farm Club Level Icon
Spaces 64
8 Other features
Tractor Booster
Spaces 42
9 Spaces 52
10 Type Rancid Level Icon
Cattle Corner


11 Spaces 34
12 Blockers
Flower 1-stage
Flower 2-stage
Flower 3-stage
Spaces 60
13 Other features
Bonus Rewarder Booster
14 Spaces 40
16 Spaces 54
18 Spaces 58
20 Spaces 46
23 Other features
Color Collector Booster
Spaces 62
25 Other features
Turbo Tractor Booster 1
Amelia's Airdrop Booster 1
Jungle Joint


26 Spaces 48
27 Blockers
Chicken egg 1-stage
Chicken egg 2-stage
29 Spaces 44
32 Environment
Chicken egg 2-stage under ice
33 Cropsies
Apple under ice
Carrot under ice
Strawberry under ice
Sun under ice
Water under ice
Onion under ice
Other features
Super Fruit Booster 1
35 Blockers
Chicken egg 1-stage under ice
Highland Hills


41 Cropsies
Apple on grass
Carrot on grass
Strawberry on grass
Sun on grass
Onion on grass
42 Cropsies
Water on grass
47 Cropsies
Apple under ice on grass
Carrot under ice on grass
Strawberry under ice on grass
Sun under ice on grass
Water under ice on grass
Onion under ice on grass
Ice on grass
49 Blockers
Chicken egg 1-stage on grass
Chicken egg 2-stage on grass
53 Other features
Amelia's Airdrop
Turbo Tractor
Frosty Fields


56 Blockers
Water bucket 1-stage
Water bucket 2-stage
Water bucket 3-stage
Cloudy Cove


71 Blockers
Carrot grumpy
Strawberry grumpy
Water grumpy
72 Blockers
Sun grumpy
74 Blockers
Apple grumpy
Onion grumpy
78 Spaces 38
82 Blockers
Apple grumpy under ice
Sun grumpy under ice
Strawberry grumpy under ice
Onion grumpy under ice
83 Spaces 50
Sandy Slopes


87 Blockers
Carrot grumpy under ice
92 Other features
Super Fruit
Super Fruit on grass
Turbo Tractor on grass
96 Spaces 16
Prairie Park


101 Blockers
Alligator nest
Alligator egg 1-stage
Alligator egg 2-stage
104 Blockers
Alligator nest on grass
Alligator 1-stage on grass
Alligator 2-stage on grass
Alligator on grass
105 Spaces 32
108 Blockers
Alligator egg 1-stage under ice
Alligator egg 2-stage under ice
Backyard Brambles


116 Other features
Rob the Rabbit
119 Spaces 30
121 Spaces 49
128 Other features
Rob the Rabbit on grass
Frightful Forest


131 Environment
Apple grumpy on slime
Carrot grumpy on slime
Strawberry grumpy on slime
Sun grumpy on slime
Water grumpy on slime
Onion grumpy on slime
Apple on slime
Carrot on slime
Strawberry on slime
Sun on slime
Water on slime
Onion on slime
142 Spaces 55
Sunshine Savannah


149 Blockers
Chicken egg 1-stage on slime
Chicken egg 2-stage on slime
152 Blockers
Flower 1-stage on grass
Flower 2-stage on grass
Flower 3-stage on grass
153 Spaces 57
Dino District


161 Blockers
Grass seed
Grass seed on grass
162 Blockers
Grass seed on slime
163 Blockers
Alligator nest on slime
Alligator 1-stage on slime
Alligator 2-stage on slime
Other features
Rob the Rabbit on slime
172 Blockers
Alligator nest under ice
Kiwi County


177 Blockers
Flower 1-stage on slime
Flower 2-stage on slime
Flower 3-stage on slime
181 Spaces 35
Idyllic Isles


191 Blockers
192 Blockers
Hen on slime
202 Blockers
Hen on grass
Tranquil Temples


Serenity Shrine


Pooch Park


236 Blockers
Apple bomb 9
Carrot bomb 9
Strawberry bomb 9
Onion bomb 9
237 Blockers
Water bomb 9
241 Blockers
Sun bomb 9
242 Blockers
Water grumpy under ice on slime
Environment Ice on slime
248 Blockers
Water bomb 9 under ice
Floating Farms


253 Blockers
Apple bomb 9 under ice
Carrot bomb 9 under ice
Spaces 61
255 Blockers
Onion bomb 9 under ice
Strawberry bomb 9 under ice
Sun bomb 9 under ice
262 Blockers
Apple bomb 9 on slime
Onion bomb 9 on slime
Sun bomb 9 on slime
Water bomb 9 on slime
263 Spaces 47
265 Blockers
Water bomb 9 on grass
Haunted Hills


266 Goal
Spider on cobweb
Apple under cobweb
Carrot under cobweb
Strawberry under cobweb
Sun under cobweb
Onion under cobweb
267 Environment
272 Blockers
Sun bomb 9 under cobweb
Water bomb 9 under cobweb
Water under cobweb
Beaver Barricade


282 Spaces 53
289 Blockers
Apple grumpy under cobweb
Carrot grumpy under cobweb
Strawberry grumpy under cobweb
Onion grumpy under cobweb
Apple under cobweb on grass
Carrot under cobweb on grass
Strawberry under cobweb on grass
Onion under cobweb on grass
291 Cropsies
Sun under cobweb on grass
Water under cobweb on grass
Cobweb on grass
293 Blockers
Apple grumpy under cobweb on slime
Onion grumpy under cobweb on slime
Strawberry grumpy under cobweb on slime
Sun grumpy under cobweb on slime
Water grumpy under cobweb on slime
Cobweb on slime
Rainbow Reef


297 Blockers
Strawberry bomb 9 on grass
Sun bomb 9 on grass
302 Blockers
Sun grumpy under cobweb
Water grumpy under cobweb
309 Spaces 41
310 Blockers
Onion bomb 9 under cobweb
Strawberry bomb 9 under cobweb
Winter Wonderland


311 Blocker
Snowball on snow
Apple on snow
Carrot on snow
Onion on snow
Strawberry on snow
312 Cropsies
Sun on snow
316 Blockers
Snowball on grass
321 Blockers
Snowball under cobweb
322 Blockers
Grass seed on snow
Water on snow
Fireworks Fairground


329 Blockers
Alligator nest under cobweb
Alligator egg 1-stage under cobweb
Alligator egg 2-stage under cobweb
330 Blockers
Chicken egg 1-stage on snow
Chicken egg 2-stage on snow
331 Blockers
Snowball on slime
Apple grumpy on snow
Carrot grumpy on snow
Onion grumpy on snow
Strawberry grumpy on snow
Sun grumpy on snow
333 Blockers
Water grumpy on snow
Purry Parade


343 Blockers
Apple bomb 9 on snow
Carrot bomb 9 on snow
Onion bomb 9 on snow
Strawberry bomb 9 on snow
Sun bomb 9 on snow
348 Other features
Rob the Rabbit on snow
355 Blockers
Snowball under cobweb on snow
Panda Paradise


356 Goal
Firecracker 1-stage
Firecracker 2-stage
Firecracker 3-stage
357 Blockers
Firecracker 1-stage on grass
Firecracker 2-stage on grass
Firecracker 3-stage on grass
360 Blockers
Firecracker 1-stage under cobweb
Firecracker 2-stage under cobweb
Firecracker 3-stage under cobweb
Lovely Lakeside


Opal Oasis


392 Blockers
Firecracker 1-stage on snow
Firecracker 2-stage on snow
Firecracker 3-stage on snow
399 Spaces 51
Foggy Falls


401 Blockers
Red Frog
Red Frog on grass
402 Blockers
Blue Frog
Blue Frog on grass
Green Frog
Green Frog on grass
411 Blockers
Red Frog on slime
Blue Frog on slime
Green Frog on slime
412 Blockers
Red Frog on snow
Blue Frog on snow
Green Frog on snow
Cute Crèche


420 Spaces 26
Dragon Dales


431 Blockers
White sheep
White sheep on grass
White sheep on hay
Apple on hay
Carrot on hay
Strawberry on hay
Sun on hay
Water on hay
Onion on hay
432 Blockers
Flower 1-stage on hay
Flower 2-stage on hay
Flower 3-stage on hay
435 Blocker
Firecracker 1-stage on hay
Firecracker 2-stage on hay
Firecracker 3-stage on hay
436 Blockers
White sheep on snow
444 Other features
Rob the Rabbit on hay
Bunny Bluffs


Pyramid Plaza




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