Roadblock is a barricade that prevents the player from accessing the next episode.

How to remove itEdit

Proceeding the road on the game board the player will encounter blocks which can be removed in several ways.

  • Ask your in-game friends for help! They will send you the necessary key and this will help bail you out! Their avatars will show up in the boxes after helping. You need 3 different friends for the 3 keys. With a Facebook or Google account you have the option to chose from your friends there.
  • The player needs 9 gold bars to remove the roadblock.
  • Wait a few days for an automatic roadblock removal. Patience is a virtue in this game. Farm Heroes Saga has a 4 days (mobiles) or 3 days (PC) waiting period on roadblocks.
  • Give Rancid a blast (2 or 3 stars required) and his key will be yours!
  • Set your clock ahead. Simply close the game screen, go into the settings of your phone and adjust your date and time and re-open Farm Heroes Saga. When you launch the game you should have a full set of lives and no roadblocks in your way. Simple and easy! Your mobile device is out of time after that and there might be trouble which will be yours.
  • Make an update! To do that you have to wait with the update until you are stuck.(May not work always and only on mobiles)


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