Carrot rabbit

Rob the Rabbit

Rob the Rabbit is one of the blockers in Farm Heroes Saga.


  • He will pop up on a carrot removing it. The carrot which he will steal is not only normal one, but also grumpy and bomb counterpart.
  • He will then go underground for one move to eat it.
  • He prefers carrots ready for a match and also engages as an obstacle for matching other cropsies.
  • If any match is done next to Rob, he will be dazed above ground for three moves and not move. Bashing Rob with a magic shovel or a firecracker will have the same effect. However, the effect cannot be stacked. As such, any match made on him while he is dazed will have no effect. However, a delayed move to hit Rob may still be possible if you have a Hitter Companion used in the stage, where your Farm Animal can immediately whack the rabbit dizzy the moment he pops out of the field.



  • Rob may also take a heap of your carrots in a special event named Save the Carrots and the player has to play 9 extra levels to defeat him.
  • A gallup poll on King Care named the rabbit "Rob".
  • On mobile version, when he steals a bomb carrot, there is no animation unlike stealing other two types of carrots.