Spider (Element)

Spider is one of the elements and collectibles in Farm Heroes Saga.


He is a dark purple spider with dark purple/blue prints a red hat, golden orange/brown eyes and  a spider legs. They are always surrounded by cobwebs. They are present at the start of a level and need to be chased out of their nest by breaking the cobwebs and then touching them with a match then the nest will be destroyed. There are levels where the spiders are moving into empty nests after being chased. On levels with multiple spiders and multiple nests, the goal consists in destroying all nests on the board. The cobwebs act similar to ice.

Features of the spiders:

  • Spiders web all adjacent cropsies to their nest.
  • Webbed cropsies can only be destroyed by being used in a match.
  • Nests are cleared by making an adjacent match.
  • Clearing a spider’s nest does not clear the webbed cropsies from the board.
  • Farm Heroes levels that feature spiders usually require the player to collect them to win.
  • If a spider’s nest is cleared, and there are others available, then it will hop to the next nest.
  • Once all of the nests are cleared, the spider is collected.
How to deal with the spiders?
  • Treat cropsies covered in webbing like frozen cropsies. They function exactly the same way. The only reason webbed cropsies don’t look like frozen cropsies, is because then there would be a spider freezing things and that just doesn’t make any sense
  • Spiders are one of the more advanced cropsies in Farm Heroes Saga. They are mobile, obstructive, and creepy. If you can master them, you can master anything!
  • Keep track of the nests present on the board and plan accordingly. If there is a good combination available next to a nest the spider is about to jump to, you may want to clear that first before removing the spider’s current nest. This will get some quality +1 point bonuses onto the board!

Breaker companions will destroy part of the spider's web.


Spiders first appear in level 266, the first level of the 19th episode, Haunted Hills.


Official Farm Heroes Saga - The Spider

Official Farm Heroes Saga - The Spider


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