• I removed the categories with spider nest and replaced it with cobweb. Until now cobwebs haven't been used for categories. I would like to see the spider nest as an empty element on the board. There are never Cropsies under it. Not all spider levels have empty nests but they have always cobwebs. Levels with cobwebs don't have always spiders. You can undo the change.

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    • Yes. It make some short name in caterogy:

      Levels with spider nests = containing the spider nest as an empty element on the board.

      Levels with cobwebs = containing Cropsies under cobweb.

      For other elements under cobweb, I think we need specifically indentify them like:

      Levels with mushrooms under cobweb.....

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    • Levels with grass under cobweb = containing elements on grass under cobweb. It is a specific in game.

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    • OK. We have now more categories¬†;-)

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    • A FANDOM user
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