DoccocaubaiCAN wrote: I think blockers are elements which can not automatically moving. For example, grumpy cropsies can auto move, that means they are not blocked.

Baby mushroom is block but adult mushroom is like a normal cropsie.

I don't think the grumpy cropsies are not blockers, just they are movable objects. (For the mushroom, I'm confused it is considered blocker or not.)

Licorice swirls, and candy bombs in Candy Crush Saga are considered blockers in that game even though they are movable because they can impede the player's progress to reach the goal.

When there is(are) grumpy cropsie(s) in the matches, these matches count as 0 cropsies which can possibly impede the progress to reach the goal.

And bombs, too. Bombs in the game reduce amount of collected cropsies. In other words, these can impede the progress, so the bombs can considered blockers as well, even though they are movable.

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