I'm now retired. Looks like started to involved in the "modernization" process, as the new format is a modernized stuff. If you notice, I had a hard time being active on this wiki just to keep up-to-date. As the time progresses, my real life situations are getting intense in terms of school works and projects. I found out that spending time editing the pages on the wiki is boring and should be on time when the game is actually updated.

Edits and actions I used to doEdit

  • Updating the episode and world pages every two weeks.
  • Helping inactive admins block vandals and sockpuppets.

Starting December 17, the day of my birthday, I'm no longer assuming the position of my bureaucrat rank. That's my worst birthday present ever (right?). I'll see you on some of my last standing wikis, like Candy Crush Soda and Candy Crush Jelly Wiki. I'll also see you sometime on Discord server. Until some time, farewell.

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